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American Board of Chiropractic Internists

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DABCI Candidate Eligibility Requirements

  • Successful completion of a 300 hour DABCI program 

  • Started DABCI program classes after 5th Trimester of chiropractic college

  • Holds a current Chiropractic license

  • Passage of all DABCI program module examinations


DABCI Certification Examinations

  • Pass the ABCI practical examination

  • Pass the NBCE written examination


Requirements to Maintain DABCI Certification

Each year, every Diplomate must obtain 12 hours annually of continuing education that meets the criteria of the Board. Council on Diagnosis & Internal Disorders (CDID) membership requirement (according to the bylaws) requires that Chiropractic Internist Diplomates must attend the CDID Symposium at least once every two years. In the event you are unable to meet this Symposium requirement, you may elect to fulfill your 12 hour requirement by completing one of the following:

  • Teach a DABCI class for a certified program

  • Publish a paper

  • Attend one of the 26 sessions of a certified DABCI program


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